Unequal, Unprepared, Under Threat

WAD 2021

2021 | UNAIDS

Humanity is threatened by an expanding list of pandemics. AIDS is colliding with COVID-19 to deadly effect because much of the world remains dangerously under-prepared and under-resourced to confront the pandemics of today and tomorrow. Over four decades, advances in science, human rights and public health investment have driven remarkable success against AIDS for some locations and populations. This progress has shown what is possible when countries and communities work together against a deadly contagion. Considerable gaps remain. Entrenched inequalities stand in the way of further progress against AIDS and leave the world vulnerable to future pandemics. The colossal new challenges created by COVID-19 threaten the gains made thus far. UNAIDS data show that the curves of HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths are not bending fast enough to end the pandemic. A failure to build on the gains made thus far would result in 7.7 million AIDS-related deaths during this decade. Most of those deaths can be avoided if the world follows the Global AIDS Strategy 2021–2026 and achieves the 2025 targets agreed by the UN General Assembly.

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