Multi-Month Dispensing for Children & Adolescents Living with HIV: A Guide for Community Case Workers in OVC Programs


2021 | PACT

This guide is meant to help community case workers or facility case managers working on an orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) program, to understand their role in supporting multi-month dispensing (MMD) of antiretroviral (ARV) medicines for children and adolescents living with HIV (CLHIV/ALHIV). The guide will explain the basics of MMD, including: What is MMD? Which children are eligible for MMD? Why is MMD beneficial for CLHIV/ALHIV? The guide will also explain what the role as a community case worker (CCW) is in supporting CLHIV/ALHIV on MMD, including how they: Know which children and adolescents are on MMD; Know which children are not on MMD but are eligible to start MMD, and what to do; Support children and adolescents on MMD and their caregivers; Ensure that CLHIV and ALHIV are adhering to optimal regimens even when they are not attending the clinic on a frequent basis; Collect and report needed information about CLHIV/ALHIV on MMD; Know when to communicate with health care providers about CLHIV/ALHIV on MMD.

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Multi-month dispensing