Mental Health Policy and Strategic Plan (2016-2021)

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2016 | Ministry of Health Liberia

This policy aims to modernize existing mental health services in Liberia, create new and additional services, recruit and train more skilled staff, and link to both other government and non-government sectors to:

  • Provide mental health and addiction services at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels.
  • Develop the capacity and quality of health, education, and social services to support effective health promotion and prevention activities
  • Provide community level services with community, family, and service user participation.
  • Link mental health and addiction services to other health and non-health sectors.
  • Ensure evidence based and culturally appropriate mental health and
    addiction services.
  • Protect the human rights and dignity of people with mental illness.
  • Recognise and cultivate the capacity of communities to prevent and reduce mental illness through social cohesion, collective resilience and shared problem solving

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