Investment Plan for Building a Resilient Health System (2015-2021)

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2015 | Ministry of Health Liberia

The Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in Liberia had a devastating impact on the health system, the population at large, and the Liberian economy. The health system was ill equipped to effectively respond to the epidemic with the necessary occupational health and safety and infection prevention and control (IPC) measures for safe and effective health services. Coverage of life-saving maternal and child health interventions, in particular, declined dramatically. There is a need to rebuild the health system in a manner that restructures it, to ensure that it never again fails to respond effectively to similar threats.

This Investment Plan aims to improve the health status of the Liberian population through building a resilient health system that contributes to the achievement of equitable health outcomes described in the National Health Policy and Plan. To this effect, it does not only restore the gains lost due to the EVD crisis, but also provides health security for the people of Liberia by reducing risks due to epidemics and other health threats, accelerates progress towards universal health coverage by improving access to safe and quality health services, and narrows the equity gap for the most vulnerable populations.

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