Helping Mothers Survive: Bleeding after Birth Complete

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2018 | Jhpiego

Helping Mothers Survive (HMS) is a suite of hands-on, simulation-based learning modules to build the capacity of the health workforce. Bleeding after Birth Complete (BABC) is a module designed to reduce maternal deaths caused by postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). With HMS-BABC, skills are built around communication and teamwork, active management of the third stage of labor, early detection and basic management of PPH, and advanced care skills. These skills include management of shock, uterine balloon tamponade, manual removal of the placenta, repair of cervical lacerations, and use of the non-pneumatic anti-shock garment. The materials include a Flipbook, Providers Guide, and two Action Plans, as well as a folder of necessary supplemental materials that are critical components for success. HMS Bleeding after Birth Complete is endorsed by ICM, FIGO, UNFPA, ICN, AAP. 

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