Helping Babies Breathe Webinar Series

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2018 | American Academy of Pediatrics

Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) teaches the initial steps of neonatal resuscitation to be accomplished within The Golden Minute to save lives and give a much better start to many babies who struggle to breathe at birth. HBB neonatal resuscitation techniques that have been shown to reduce neonatal mortality by up to 47% and fresh stillbirths by 24%. The Helping Babies Breathe 2nd Edition Webinar Series has been developed to provide additional advice to support training, skills retention, and ongoing efforts to improve HBB implementation efforts around the world. This series has been designed to be a valuable resource for providers who use HBB in their work, as well as facilitators who train others in this life saving curriculum. Each webinar focuses on a different topic and can be viewed in any order.

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Maternal and child health