Facility Management Committee Training Manual and Tools

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2017 | Ministry of Health Sierra Leone

Community engagement is a key to optimizing Sierra Leone’s transition from emergency response to recovery, and is an essential component for sustainability. Since 2011, the aim of facility management committees (FMCs) has been to support community engagement in health by improving the quality and community acceptability of services.

The purpose of this training manual and the tools is to guide the community engagement process for improving community ownership of peripheral health unit (PHU) quality and catchment area health outcomes in support of MOHS goals. The training manual and tools are built upon the experiences of existing stakeholders and community structures in the health sector, as well as its implementing partner (IP) experiences investing in FMC strengthening and community engagement in health. The intended users are the DHMT and IPs. However, the FMC training manual and tools, with support from the DHMT or other “champion” FMCs, may be used by catchment communities themselves.

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