Human Capacity Development Webinar Series - Recordings

This webinar, "Mentoring Implementation Lessons from Rwanda, Laos and Ethiopia," summarized global guidance on mentoring based on a literature review and results from a survey of 23 countries that implement mentoring programs. The event also provided the opportunity to learn from the three country mentoring programs.

A second webinar, “Nothing gets transformed until your mind is transformed” focused on transformative approaches to strengthening pre-service education strengthening in Ghana, Kenya, and Liberia. Strong pre-service education systems are critical for producing a fit-for-purpose health workforce. The Lancet commission’s report — entitled Health Professionals for a New Century — and the 2016 report from the United Nations High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth both call out the need for transforming pre-service education.The event included time for audience questions on implementing priority interventions — from strengthening curriculum and practice, to integrating digital technology and strengthening academic leadership and management.

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